December 23, 2010

Welcome to london

I got late
may be it was my fate
stepping on to ul 505
"Welcome we are about to fly"
fastening my seat belt
i sat by the window about to melt
A deep breathe taken inside
good bye my mother
I'm on the ride
it was about eight fourty five
I was tired ending my ride
Got through the border
as it was their order
cleared the baggage
with my hand lagguage
waited for the friend
who came  to the journey's end
in a flash inside a van
with files and cans
his boss with his girlfriend
'be qiuet" said my friend
as we stopped at her house
 I was the joker , the mickey mouse
we were ordered to  make
with snow a snow bear , a fake
on a ground covered with snow
i had no idea , i said " i don't know"
they had fun , i never knew what was snow
soon after the touch somehow I got to know.
he said this is how we have to live
if not like this there are a very few
i looked west as he said this is east
with a sigh I sensed and pain released
i missed things i did  abandon
he slowly murmured ' my friend welcome to London"

W.A.D. Joel Lennon