June 22, 2011

Life goes

They cooked what I had
wrinkles sparkled
unwillingly, unfair
multi functional
true desire
has no option
this is true
he is not a lier
in a corner
on the unconfortable bed
covered with curtains
the privacy
hillarious disaster
their sympathy
no one chose
as this is just
how life goes

Joel Lennon W.A.D.

No Angels ..

When you beg
on the ground
they may
gather around
it is encouraging
the wisper of their sound
you are not born to ;
but forced now
they do exist 
when you become 
no more a guest 
one can blame
it was theft
but, what if
it was the curse
of what you left
they do exist 
when you become 
helpless, Accept .....

Joel Lennon W.A.D.