May 26, 2011

Midnight Dream

Midnight seems cold 
in the arms everything is old
the divider has moulded
the love which was told

eligence in her eyes
i would tell rather
makes my heart cry 
inviting me to go further 

surviving with a try 
makes things become a disaster 
flowers cannot buy 
the loving spirit , the spell caster 

Joel Lennon W.A.D.

May 22, 2011

Littlefield road { Burnt oak , London }

you live near edgware
in a small town called
Burnt Oak

with your beauty
you always snare
people who have
long hopes
a community driven
at the edge of the
watling avenue
guiding me to the
calm and quit fairy
a perfect place to live
in a pacy city called london
in the otherside
you'll find colindale and Hendon

Joel Lennon W.A.D.

May 15, 2011

Unedited reality ...

London is so cold 
people going around are sometimes bold
'it's a tough thing to live " i was told
five months have been spent , 
more than twenty to  hold

see me with the white chicks 
they laugh , they shout useless bricks
pretty lives pretty hell stubborn gigs
they don't care , they are really like white pigs

Joel Lennon W.A.D.

May 14, 2011

තනිකර දැමුවෙමි මා මගේ සිත
හනි හනිකට පොඩිකර ගුලිකර දාලා
රිදවීමි ඒ තැලුනු හිත
දමමින් එක උඩ එක
දුර්ගන්ද සිතුවිලි මාලා
සිනහසුනෙමි මම ගැන සිතමින්
මගේ සිත
නොඅඬ්නු මැන යැයි තරවටු කල නියා
අසරනව මග නතරවුනි මගේ සිත
වැලඳ ගන්නට තිබූ මරනය මග දාලා

ජෝඑල් ලෙනන්

windhaweema ....